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We provide information and support to people with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and their friends/family.

Meeting 30th June 2018 Royal Free Hospital London

Thank you to Drs Doug Thorburn and Neil Halliday for sharing some of your vast AIH knowledge at our meeting. A large number of AIH patients are now much better informed about their condition.

Research – thank you for helping

Thank you to all those AIH patients who helped with the the questionnaire by Professor Alberto Sanchez Fueyo.  Patient input into research design is vital.


Got any questions?

There are lots of interesting discussions on our Facebook Group. So if you want to discuss things with other people with AIH then do join in the discussions. And lots of information on our other pages here.  Why not check them out? Our Facebook Page contains publicly available information about our activities.

If you have any problems joining the Facebook group please use the contact form to tell us and we will sort it out.