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  1. Mary Cole says:

    I have had autoimmune hepatitis for a year. I would be interested to know of any support groups.

    • catherine carmichael says:

      I am a 46 year old female. I was diagnosed with a/h cirrhosis of the liver in 2010. At first the symptoms were alright and I could still work. My job involved working in a residential childrens home, however I got paid off in 2012 due to the job being to risky for me. My partner at the time left me and due to this I lost my car then my house as I couldnt pay due to being on benefits. I attend our local hospital in kilmarnock and see a liver specialist. I also attend The Royal hospital transplant unit in Edinburgh. Although i am not on the transplant list. This year
      has seen me in hospital 6 times. My symptoms can vary from my gallbladder being inflammed, swelling and severe pain of the stomach and not knowing what im doing encephalopathy. I am contacting yourselves as I wanted know if you had a support group I could attend. I live in North Ayrshire Scotland. I think I would benefit from speaking with others who have a similar condition. I would be most grateful if you could help me.
      I look forward to hearing from you
      Kate carmichael

      • Kathryn Purchase says:

        Hi Kate, my hubby is in a similar boat to yourself, we are in South Ayrshire, hubby (52) diagnosed with cirrhosis and portal hypertension with varices in 2012 following a massive upper GI bleed. Biopsy was inconclusive but he bloods must have indicated AIH as the cause of his cirrhosis, he was previously a very, very fit guy and completely tee-total and it has all come as a major shock to us both.
        He was getting treatment for a year at Ayr but referred to the SLTU Edinburgh last year. Now getting the majority of his treatment there including his endoscopys and banding. Still seeing gastroenterologist at Ayr but he only has ‘an interest’ in the liver so we decided to stay with Edinburgh even though it means long trips. He hasn’t yet been assessed for transplant and we don’t know if that will become necessary. We are happy that he is being closely monitored by the folks who will make that decision.
        Consultant at Edinburgh has now put hubby onto prednisolone which is really the first treatment for his liver he’s had, he also takes omeprazole, iron and lactulose.
        I haven’t found any local liver support groups – I don’t know if that is because there are no specialist liver doctors but if you want to chat via email I am at . Sometimes just chatting over, sharing experiences is good. I find a lot of helpful advice on the HealthUnlocked British Liver Trust site too :-

        All the best, from Katie

  2. admin says:

    There is an online support group as mentioned above. Click on Forum to get there.

    If you are in UK there may be a face to face support group near you. Details are on the British Liver Trust website.

    More information will be on this site soon.


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