Some people are understandably concerned about travelling abroad either on holiday or business. Will their AIH diagnosis impact on their plans? In short the general answer is that there should be no problem although we do advise you to check with your doctor before finalising arrangements. Some specifics:

Vaccinations – allow plenty of time to get travel vaccinations and liaise with your GP’s surgery/travel clinic well in advance of your proposed travel. Make sure they are aware of the medication you are taking. Sometimes they may ask for advice from the consultant treating you. In general people taking immunosuppressant medication should not receive live vaccines. This includes the vaccination for yellow fever.

Anti Malarial medication – seek advice from your medical team. Experience from the forum is that usually people are told they can take anti malarial medication – but do check.

Travel Insurance – this can be a problem. Travel companies do not automatically cover pre existing conditions so make sure you declare your AIH. Do not be put off if some companies refuse to cover you (some companies will only cover conditions on their ‘list’ and refuse to cover all others). Chances are that others will. And shop around for a good price. (By way of example one person was quoted over £2000 for cover for a 3 week trip to the USA by one company and finally got annual cover for under £150 from another one! ). You will generally be asked some follow up questions such as the frequency of your check ups, whether you have been hospitalised in the last 12 months and so on.

People with AIH have found cover with the following companies – but the list is by no means exhaustive:


Stay Sure
All Clear
Good to Go
Post Office
World First
Medisafe (under 54s only)
Insure & Go

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – if you live in UK you can get an EHIC card which gives you a certain level of cover in European countries. It is not a replacement for travel insurance but many companies insist you have one when travelling in Europe.